Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 28


I'm sorry that I'm posting at such a late hour.  I'm feeling sick today.  But I wanted to add something for today to this journal, because I have posted every day this month.  So I thought I would show you the picture of the Madonna and Child above.  I found it to be such a beautiful picture. 

I also wanted to tell you that I will be posting about things to do with New Year's Eve and New Year's Day starting tomorrow.  It may seem a little early, but I thought we would get to talking about Resolutions (or goals) that we want to consider having for the new year.  We will also have some fun and talk about ways to celebrate.  So please continue to visit through January 1st.

Okay, I must get off now.

Gospel reading:  Matthew 2:13-18



  1. Hope your feeling better. I love this picture


  2. Beautiful picture!  I hope you feel better and I'll look forward to your New Years postings.

  3. That is such a beautiful scene.  I am looking forward to your Happy New Year posts.

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    I couldn't sleep and decided to sign on and what a lovely graphic to see. Thank you.

  5. This is a beautiful entry, Krissy.
    You and your sister did a great job with this Christmas Journal.
    I Hope you are feeling better.


  6. ((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY/JOHN))))))))))))))))))))))))I like that pic,its a ncie one.I am sorry you feeling udner the weather,I am to.I woke up not feeling to great,but,I have to go to work.I feel so sick right now and dont even feel like going.But I am going to ask and see if I can have Sunday off.I just love hearing your storys.Have a safe and Happy New YEar.

  7. lovely picture.
    you have done a great job with this journal!


  8. The Madonna and Child is a wonderful picture done in the old master classic style!    I have been feeling down with a flu bug and it seems many people have gotten some type of it.      I can't really think about anything goal oriented right now until I start feeling I am over this bug.    Mainly my goal is to do the things that are productive and always try to improve on them.      Wishing you and John a very good New Year's Eve.     mark

  9. Krissy.  will you or Val email me, and let me know how you're doing?  I have not heard from Val.  nice work

  10. very nice picture. sorry i haven't been around lately. been kind of busy. hope you have a nice evening. (((((((((hugs))))))))))

  11. Dear Krissy
    Happy New year! Please take care of your self so you can start to get well!
    rest and watch intake of proteins, soups, liquids, teas, toast... to be sure you get them fruit would be good too!I love that picture you posted! thank you!

  12. Krissy, this is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful Madonna pictures I have seen.  Breathtaking!  I just love Madonna pictures!  Thanks for showing us this!  Love, Val xox