Friday, December 15, 2006

December 15

Good morning, it's Valerie one more day today and then it's behind the scenes for the helper-elf.  I may not speak with you all one-on-one again so I wanted to wish everyone a joyous Christmas and a happy and serene and blessed New Year!  I wanted to thank Krissy for allowing me to post the past three days.  It has been a true honor!  Thanks, Krissy!  Now on to a fun, fun day!...


Today we are going to play in the snow!! 

 Virtual online snowflake making site
Click this link to Popular Front: Snow Days!

I have spent many hours of snowflake making fun on this site!  I have seen many beautiful, creative and incredible flakes on this site and wondered how in the world they were created!!  I have found out that there are tutorials on the web for this very site!  There are those out there much more of a fan of this site than I am!!

 Flake School Flake school takesyou from beginning to grand master.  Good luck!

How to make a face flake

Here's my face flake?  Do you like it?  

The more flakes you make this month the more
Popular Front: Snow Days
contributes to The Salvation Army so pass along the word and the website to your friends and family!

If you would like to use my flakes for your use feel free to "Copy as" and save.   If you make any flakes and share them in your journal, please share your entry URL with us in the comments section.  To capture a screen shot of your flake press Print Screen + Ctrl and then open an email and press paste in the email.  The flake should appear in your email.  It is rather small.  You will want to resize it.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at  Have fun!

Stocking stuffer ideas penned by Krissy...

1.  nail polish
   2.  batteries
   3.  lipstick

  4.  chocolate
   5.  candy (think childhood candy!)
   6.  silly putty
   7.  Christmas ornament
   8.  gum
   9.  gift card to Wal - Mart, etc.
  10.  gift card to McDonald's, etc.
  11.  candles
  12.  slinky
  13.  popcorn seasoning
  14.  pen (colored ink!)
  15.  pumpkin seeds
  16.  snow globe
  17.  Christmas costume jewelry
  18.  harmonica or kazoo
  19.  calculator
  20.  napkin rings
  21.  throwaway camera
  22.  magnets for refrigerator
  23.  long distance calling card
  24.  deck of Uno cards
  25.  ball and jacks

game:  Sketchy Extreme Snow Sledding

Gospel reading:  Matthew 11:16-19



Have a nice day, everyone and God bless!!!  xox