Monday, December 18, 2006

December 18

Gift Baskets to Make and Give

Some of you may still not have gifts for everybody on your list yet.  Everybody likes to receive themed gift baskets.  Here are a few suggestions of ones you could put together.  

Use a large Pasta Bowl for a "basket"

Fill the bowl with:

  • a package or two of gourmet pasta
  • tongs
  • a package of sun-dried tomatoes
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • spices: oregano, basil, garlic powder
  • a collection of your favorite pasta recipes hand-printed on recipe cards
  • and/or a pasta cookbook

To make a Stationery Basket, fill a square basket with:      

  • stationery 
  • envelopes (choose a variety of sizes)
  • note paper
  • letter opener
  • a pen or a pen and pencil set
  • some fun stickers 
  • personalized return address labels
  • For your Grandparents who are far away:

    Fill a basket with:

    • your children's artwork
    • gifts made by your kids 
    • framed family pictures (let the kids buy or make frames and decorate them)
    • videos of the family
    • a long-distance calling card

    Extras: fill out the basket with candy, coffee, tea, biscuits, Christmas ornaments, candles, etc.

    The Ice Cream Sundae Basket:

    Fill a basket with:

    • ice cream scoop
    • gourmet sauces
    • sprinkles
    • cones
    • maraschino cherries
    • assorted nuts
    • sundae glasses and spoons
    • coupons for gourmet ice cream  

    For the Student or the Home-office Owner, use a garbage can as a "basket".

    Fill the can with:

    • stapler
    • tacks, paper clips, pens, pencils
    • notepads
    • hole punch
    • desk lamp
    • desk calendar

    Here are some additional ideas.  Use your imagination on what to put in the baskets:  gardening theme (use a flower pot), crafter's basket, photographer's basket, kid's art supplies, sport's enthusiast, guitar player, chili theme kit, cookie theme kit, rainy day basket (playing cards, game, cup, tea, etc.), basket just for men (socks, tie, etc.), stuff for the computer buff, basket for a teenaged girl (small cute purse, lip gloss, key chain, etc.), expectant parents kit (baby magic, etc.), New Year's Eve party pack (confetti, hats, glasses), crochet enthusiast's basket, vegetarian basket (sun dried tomatoes, beans, etc.), basket for a baby (sleeper, story book, rattle, etc.), women's accessories basket, Christmas basket (cookies, Christmas music, ornament), coffee gift basket (gourmet coffees, pretty coffee mugs), movie buff basket (store bought movies for VCR or DVD, gift cards to rent movies, microwave popcorn, etc.),          

    **After choosing the items you want to assemble the baskets or containers.  Fill the baskets with some filler such as shredded paper (you can shred your own with a shredder, or buy it at the store), crumpled tissue paper, or a hand towel.  Then carefully arrange your items over top the filler.  Put the largest items on the bottom in the center.  You can then tuck in candy canes, hard candy, Christmas ornaments, tangerines, nuts in the shell, etc.  Wrap your baskets by gathering cellophane around them and then securing them with a twist tie at the top.  Cover the twist tie with a ribbon.  Baskets that are in decorative containers such as tins do not need to be wrapped with cellophane.  Just place a bow on them!

    I hope you enjoyed some of these ideas.



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