Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 16


Gifts children can make

There's nothing like receiving a homemade gift.  Perhaps you want to encourage your child to make a gift (or two) this year instead of buying it.  The recipient will be thrilled to receive it.  Here are a few ideas.

Placemats and Coasters

Your children's art can be made into placemats or coasters for friends and relatives.
For placemats, have your child draw, paint or color a picture on a large piece of paper, then laminate it.
For coasters, have your child trace his or her hand on colored paper and laminate. Don't forget to have him sign and date the back!
Remember, if you don't have a laminating machine, you can take the placemats to a Copy Store such as Kinkos.  They will laminate your child's artwork for a very inexpensive price.


Make bookmarks the same way.  After laminating, punch a hole at the top of the bookmark with a hole punch, and add a ribbon or yarn tie.

Memory Jar

Christmas Coupons

Touring Christmas Lights Without Driving Around


Christmas House (almost one million lights on this house!)

Tacky Christmas Lights in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia (I like some of these, LOL)

game:  Attack Of The Mutant Artificial Trees

Gospel reading:  Matthew 17:9a, 10-13