Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20


Christmas in England

I thought many of you might want to know what Christmas is like in England, as we have many journal friends who live there.  Click on the links below to learn a little bit about Christmas in England.

Christmas Day

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Crackers  (these crackers are not Saltines like I thought they would be, LOL!)

Mince Meat Pie

Father Christmas

Mummer's Plays and Pantomimes

Wassailing (now I finally know what this is!)


Christmas in a few other places

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Bethlehem

Christmas in Iraq

Christmas Around The World 


How to say Merry Christmas in Many Languages:

Merry Christmas In Many Languages


Another present to make:

Journal Jar


game:  Toboggan Sled Jump Christmas Game 

Gospel reading:  Luke 1:26-38



  1. Very interesting entry. Helen

  2. love the journal jar link!!!


  3. That journal jar link was fabulous!  I am struggling financially so that's a GREAT IDEA!

  4. Me mum used to make minced-meat pies every year back in New England. I hated even the smell of it but she and her sisters loved them! Now I'd tollerate a year of the fragrance just to see my mom in kitchen again.

    Be well. Laugh often. Play hard.